Meta-Health models

Meta-Health coaching

Meta-Health Coaching is a coaching approach that will enable you to identify and achieve your goals in your life. This can be on the physical level, it can be about family or personal relationships, it can be about business and also about your spiritual journey. Coaching helps to identify what your goals are, and to enable you to get to them. It is about health, because it is finding wellbeing within yourself in every area of your life.

Stress has often been cited by various medical experts as a major cause of not being totally healthy. Meta-Health takes our understanding of stress to a state-of-the-art level, where specific types of emotional stress can be seen to have an effect on specific organ-brain relays, thereby affecting the whole of the organism bio-psycho-socially (at all levels).

Why META-Health?

META-Health looks at the big picture (meta point of view) of illness and health and provides you with answers to the most important questions you might have:

  • Why am I sick?
  • What has triggered my symptoms?
  • Which specific stress and emotions affect my symptoms?
  • Which specific belief and thought patterns do I need to review?
  • What can I do to heal naturally?
  • Which treatments work best for my type of illness?
  • Do lifestyle changes help me heal myself?


What is META-Health?

META-Health is a revolutionary approach to understanding how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours our health and personal development are fully integrated. It provides us with a precise bio-psycho-social model which enables health professionals to find root mental and emotional cause and behavioural meaning of any illness. It works by using the body’s own biological survival programming and scientifically maps physical symptoms, via the brain, to their primal cause.

META-Health is a science based on empirical evidence emerging from more than 30 years of Brain CT Scan and research. It gives us an epi-genetic, evolutionary understanding resulting in a complete biological, psychological and social meaning of any illness. It has 10 main principles and redefines our understanding of health, dis-ease, healing and personal development today.





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